These endorsements show us that Dr. Phil Stover has earned the respect and admiration of our community.

Individual Supporters

Congressman G. K. Butterfield Representative 1st Congressional District

Dr. Phil Stover has devoted his life to improving and uplifting humanity. We need Phil in the General Assembly. I endorse his candidacy.

Lucy Allen Representative for NC House 2003 - 2010

Dr. Phil Stover has long been active in the Louisburg United Methodist Church and in a number of civic groups. One of Phil's particular passions has been flying which he has turned into a service in the Civil Air Patrol. Phil's abiding concern for those with little or no medical insurance resulted in the establishment of an organization, "Volunteers in Medicine" and a clinic that provided some medical services and medicines to that population. Today, Phil's emphasis is on the expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina, helping reach some 400,000 citizens who are similarly underserved. And that is why he is running for the NC House, to represent Franklin and southern Nash Counties, and why I am both an admirer and strong supporter.

Dr. Bobbie Richardson Representative for NC House District 7 2013 - 2018

I strongly endorse Dr. Phillip Stover for the North Carolina House of Representative for House District 7 as a person who believes that the Constitution should work for everyone and that all people should be valued. Dr. Phillip Stover shares the values that include all, not a privileged few: he’s among those people who believe that the economy should work for everyone; that healthcare is a right; that public education is the foundation of our democracy; and diversity and equality makes us stronger, not weaker. Dr. Phillip Stover has always been a public servant; he provides much-needed healthcare to underinsured and uninsured clients on a daily basis. A strong family man, a spiritual man, and a true humanitarian.

Doug Berger NC State Senator 2005 - 2012

While State Senator, I was co-chair of the subcommittee responsible for developing healthcare access spending plans for the state of North Carolina. At that time, Dr. Phil Stover was the staff physician for Volunteers in Medicine, a non-profit organization that provided medical services to the uninsured in my district. I know of no other person with a greater commitment to building a community where all citizens have access to affordable care. His knowledge, skills, and vision reflect the type of leadership we need in Raleigh right now as we address the Coronavirus pandemic-the greatest health crisis in our lifetime. I highly recommend that we vote for Dr. Stover as our Representative in the NC House.

Sidney E. Dunston Chairman Franklin County Board of Commissioners

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Dr. Phil Stover, candidate for NC House of Representatives District 7 I have known Dr. Stover for over two decades. He has served the citizens of Franklin and surrounding Counties providing the very best in medical care. Dr. Stover is essential and understands the needs of the community. He will do his very best to serve not only the haves, but most certainly the have nots. His dedication to the welfare of humankind is impeccable. Dr. Stover has the heart to serve and has demonstrated that in his personal sacrifice and his expertise to provide community health services to the community. I ask you to join me and vote for Phil Stover N.C. House of Representatives District 7

Rev. Shane Benjamin (Ret.)

This November, I, along with my wife Sharon and three of our children, will be voting for Phil Stover as our NC House Representative. As a medical doctor, Phil understands and will be led by science which is extremely important to us at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage. He understands the need to transform environmental obstacles into economic opportunities that will create sustainable jobs for Franklin and Nash County residents. I know firsthand that Phil is a man of faith and a dedicated member and leader of his Church. As a leader, Phil stands for justice and equality for all. Phil is a healer who stands as a pillar of integrity and a repository of wisdom in our community. Vote for Phil Stover!

Chris Neal Mayor Pro Tem, Louisburg NC

"A Doctor in The House" is the perfect slogan for Dr. Phil Stover who is a candidate for The NC House of Representatives District 7. I fully support Dr. Stover. He is sensitive to the needs of the citizens of Franklin County. As a strong advocate for the Affordable Health care Act, he is the right person for the citizens of Franklin County during this critical pandemic. Therefore, I urge you to vote for Dr. Phil Stover NC House District 7.

Armenta Eaton Immediate Past President, Democratic Women of Franklin County

It is both a privilege and an honor to endorse Phil Stover as a candidate for the N. C. House. For the 30 years that I have known him, he has dedicated his life, talent, and education to enhance the lives and health of citizens in Franklin County and nearby counties. As secretary to the Board of Directors of the Volunteers In Medicine, which Dr. Stover founded, I witnessed firsthand his commitment to providing services to individuals who were without financial means to procure appropriate health care. Phil Stover is a man of integrity, compassion, and great intellect who demonstrates proven leadership every day. Thank you for voting the interest of “The People” by voting for Phil Stover.

Jason Baisden Senior Program Officer, Health Improvement Area

Dr. Phillip Stover has been a consistent champion for those who lack health insurance and access to healthcare services in North Carolina. He was the founder of the Franklin County Volunteers in Medicine clinic that provided care to uninsured community members. Not content with developing one clinic, Dr. Stover and his team were instrumental in assisting free clinic development efforts in Zebulon, Warren, and Nash counties. Frequently, doctors and other medical professionals from Nash and surrounding counties would visit Dr. Stover’s clinic in Franklin county to seek out creative ways to sustain their clinics and provide more services to more people in need. Dr. Stover’s tireless efforts have made a positive impact in the lives of many North Carolinians.

Supporting Organizations

North Carolina Association of Educators

Educators have endorsed Dr. Phil Stover for N.C. House District 7. “Educators have chosen to endorse Phil because of his steadfast commitment to public education for North Carolina’s students,” said NCAE President Tamika Walker Kelly. “He will ensure every student has access to a high-quality public education in the communities he will serve.” NCAE is the state’s largest education advocacy organization for public school employees and represents active, retired, and student members.

African American Caucus of the Franklin County Democratic Party J. Marvin Gill, President

In this turbulent time that we are in, we need a Representative who is for the people and not just of the people, to help us Build Back Better. And that is why the Franklin County African American Caucus endorses Dr. Phil Stover for NC House District 7."

Sierra Club Capital Group/NC Chapter John G Sullivan, Political Cochair

The Sierra Club has endorsed the candidacy of Dr. Phil Stover for NC House District 7 in appreciation of his demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment. This endorsement sends a message about Phil's strong support for the environment and his proven track record in environmental issues. The Sierra Club wholeheartedly extends its support for Phil's campaign."

North Carolina League of Conservation Voters' Conservation PAC

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) Conservation PAC (CPAC) has endorsed Dr. Phil Stover, along with 27 other candidates for the General Assembly who are running competitive races in some of the state’s key battleground districts. “These leaders earned our support because they have proven they will respect science, listen to experts, and act to promote every North Carolinian’s health and well-being at a time when that has never been more important,” said Carrie Clark, NCLCV executive director.

Progressive Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party

I am very pleased to receive the endorsement of the Progressive Caucus of the NCDP. Voters in District 7 hold a wide range of political views, from conservative to progressive, and I intend to represent all of them upon election to the General Assembly. PCNCDP, thank you for your support! - - Dr. Phil Stover

Friends and Long-Time Supporters

Michael K Howell

I have known Phil as a friend, Sunday school leader, physician, golf buddy, community project coordinator, founder of free community health care, etc. for over 30 years. He is honest and has good principles. A man of his word and concerned for the well being of all members of our community. I will be voting for Phil and strongly encourage you to do the same if you want honesty, integrity, and a representative who will not be influenced by money. Phil wants to make improvements for everyone....he has worked in our community for a long time and knows what is needed

Anne Braswell

I am very proud to endorse Dr. Phil Stover as a candidate for District 7 of the NC House. Phil is a community leader who has dedicated his medical career to caring for uninsured and vulnerable patients and advocating for affordable, high-quality health care. He shares my concerns about our public education system and wants to increase support for teachers and schools. Phil Stover supports economic development that can grow new businesses and industries, creating high-quality jobs at a living wage for lower- and middle-class workers, and reducing poverty in rural communities. Phil Stover understands the impact centuries of slavery followed by decades of government-sanctioned segregation and systemic racism have had upon generations of African Americans and he has outlined concrete steps to eliminate racist aspects from our government institutions and economy. Just like my family, Phil Stover cares about our environment, air, and water. For all these reasons, I believe Phil Stover is the right candidate for District 7 of the NC House.

Mary Weaver

I have known Phil Stover since shortly before he opened Franklin Family Medicine and I became his first employee. We worked together for over two decades and I saw firsthand his commitment to the citizens of Franklin County and his fight for quality healthcare in our rural setting. Phil would be an excellent representative in the N.C. House. His stand on the current Covid-19 crisis, broadband access, fair wages, and safe schools are just some of the items that he would fight for. Phil is not someone who will back down on something that he strongly believes in. We need people like Phil serving in Raleigh who will listen to the citizens and work their level best to make the right decisions for them – not to just go along with what those in the party tell them. I endorse Phil Stover as the right candidate during these troubling times. He will truly represent all of us.